About us


FRUTSART has been create with the intention of covering with professionalism all the necessities about of diverse agricultural products around all geographical areas where a specialization is required for the adequate sales of the product, as well as the search and follow the appropriate transport according to product and the time of the season.

We are looking the adequate customer for the right supplier for their fruits, and vegetables in all areas of the Far East mainly. Hong Kong/China/Malaysia/Singapore/Vietnam/Jakarta/Japan

The values ​​on which FRUITSART is based are the adequate quality for each destination and the transparency in each one of its operations and managements.

A presence both in the production of the product at origin and at destination, allows us to have a great geographic coverage with the maximum fluidity of information and transparency.

We are a team with a long professional experience in international sales in the agricultural sector and we are committed to new emerging destinations where we need to have previous knowledge of the country of destination, his food’s culture habits in order to be able to offer and innovate each product, because we’re convinced that this details help us to achieve to creating a reliable and durable sales network.

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